About Early Achievers

As a Primary Educator, Doreen Driscoll realized the importance of early stimulation and enriching experiences for young children. With over 12 years of teaching children in the Primary Grades, her vision was to provide experiences to help each child develop to his/her fullest. Her teaching specialized in working with children in all spectrums, from Special Needs to Gifted children, children in the Regular classroom to Remedial Reading. Whatever the setting, Doreen believed in helping children become the best that they could be.

After devoting much of her life to teaching in the Primary Grades, in the year 2001, she resigned from the Avalon East School Board to nurture her own two young girls, then ages 3 and 4. She kept herself busy not only with her own children, but by researching and further educating herself in Early Childhood Development and Early Reading Acquisition. With her wealth of knowledge in Early Reading Development she taught her oldest daughter Christina how to read before she went to school the following year.

Doreen then realized that there were many parents eager to give their children a head start as well. In 2002, she began an “Early Reading” program in her basement, where she included her youngest child Jennifer, then age 4, as well as her close friends of the same age.

By 2003, deeming this program a success, she advertised and offered the program now known as “The Alphabet Club” to children the year before they entered school from St. Andrew’s Church Hall. Within a few months of advertising “The Alphabet Club” she expanded to include “The Reading Club” for school age children. In this program the children “learn how to read” and progress to enrichment classes where they “read to learn”.

All along, Doreen had a vision. Her vision included opening a “State of the Art” School for Early Learning where she could stimulate children at a very early age and provide experiences to help them excel in all academic areas. Her dream was kept alive by the parents and families who truly believed in her and showed that there was a need for such programs. This encouragement coupled with her love of children helped her to live out her dream.

After many long months of planning and developing, Early Achievers Educational Centre, The School of Early Learning opened its doors on Monday, January 9th, 2006. Located on 397 Stavanger Drive, this new facility is custom designed for “Educating” children.

Early Achiever Staff believe in developing and individualizing their programs to meet the strengths, needs and interests of each child. They believe in providing a stimulating environment where children will enjoy coming and participating in educational activities which will help each child develop to his/her fullest.

Montessori Certification

Adding to her current Education Degrees, Doreen Driscoll has recently completed two extensive years with the North American Montessori Centre and is now a certified International Montessori Teacher for Infants, Toddlers, and children 24 months to Kindergarten.  Doreen has been training her teaching staff  in the areas of Practical Life, Sensory Development, Language Arts, Mathematics, Sciences and Montessori Theory.

Many successful programs have been developed to enrich, excel and stimulate the minds of children and many exciting programs are in the process of being developed for the months to come

For Doreen; it all began with the passion of educating young children, complemented by the birth of her own two girls, and helping to enrich and stimulate their lives.

A New Crest Honours the Potential in Every Child

Crest Shape – An Open Book

  • Memorable open book shape promotes literacy & language development
  • Open book is welcoming—like the beginning of a new chapter
  • Use of a crest reinforces the school’s position as a leader in quality early childhood education and enrichment

Global Relevance
Symbol is compatible with the Montessori philosophy and encourages discovery of our world, nature, the people around us and how we relate to each other

Optimistic sun rays convey energy and highlight the potential in every child

Paint Brush & Pencil
Tools signal hands-on learning with a focus on academics and fine arts

Clean, Vibrant & Bold Colour Palette
Engaging colours for children

Confident Typographic Voice
Sans-serif typeface features geometric letterforms (circles, squares, triangles, etc.) and is appropriate for children

Early Achievers Educational Centre is dedicated to providing an inspiring learning environment based on a balance of Traditional and Montessori methods of education which enhance independence, confidence and respect while guiding and nurturing each child's individual development.