Traditional Pre-School – Kinder-Prep

Traditional Pre-School – Kinder-Prep

The Kinder-Prep Program offers a great combination of dynamic Kinder Readiness skills to enrich, excel and expand the growing child!  Each class complements each other to develop experiences which foster well rounded children who are prepared for school success.  Educational activities promote learning in the areas of Listening, Speaking, Early Reading and Writing, Music and Movement, Fine Motor, Numeracy, Art, Science, and Social Development.

Schedule: September – June
Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Time: 9:00 – 11:30 am

Music and Movement

This is a program designed to channel children’s natural enthusiasm for music and movement into productive learning experiences. Skills are reinforced in the areas of counting, sequencing, pattern recognition and relationships reinforced between rhythm and math. Results in improved attention span, self-expression, self-esteem and music appreciation are identified.


Kinder-Art offers children lots of interactive fun while focusing on the development of the creative mind.  Children experiment with a variety of different media and techniques, from painting to pastels, clay to collage.  Throughout the sessions children are introduced to color, texture and style.  They work on cutting, gluing and fine motor skills to help prepare for school.


The Kinder-Science approach relates everyday life to Science. Children by nature are active learners and this program provides opportunities to take curious minds a step further toward analytical thinking. This practice will help to encourage children to approach their environment with discovery and help give them the confidence to make their own conclusions.

Lessons are designed to stimulate young children to think like “Junior Scientists!” – To make observations and ask lots of questions in fun filled sessions of exploration.


Kinder-Letters offers early reading and literacy experiences to children the year before they enter Kindergarten.  This program builds phonemic awareness and early reading skills around weekly themes and letters.  Skills are presented in a fun way, which are enjoyable for all.


Kinder-Counters offers enriching experiences to help stimulate mathematical minds.  Children will participate in activities developing skills in counting, sorting, patterning and more.  They will develop problem solving and logical thinking skills through “Hands-On” manipulating fun.  From individual to group work children will learn early numerical skills.

Course Features

  • Duration 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Activities Traditional Pre-School
  • Class Sizes 30
  • Years Old 4-5
  • Available Seats 10

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