Early Learning Policies

Application Process

All new prospective students applying for entrance to Early Achievers must pay a $100 non- refundable registration fee and complete a registration form as well as supply all existing medical records. A $50 screening fee must also be paid which includes an informal evaluation/screener for children ages 3 and up. Acceptance into Early Achievers may be contingent on results of a screening administered by Early Achievers administration and/or teachers.



School personnel will administer the screener to all new students at a designated time. An evaluation of the screener and other existing records will be reviewed by the Director and teacher(s) to determine your child’s strengths and needs. A more extensive assessment will be available for an additional cost.


Programs/School Year

Part-Time Programs:

  • Our school year runs from early September until late June with optional Summer Enrichment available until mid-August.
  • Children can be dropped off at 8:20 for Balanced Montessori programs that start at 8:30. We do have limited spaces for earlier drop off by request. Inquire at the office. Please note that your child must have attended at least 30 days to be eligible.
  • Fees are prorated into 10 equal payments.
  • 10% discount for enrolment in additional enrichment classes.

Full-Time Programs:

  • Our school year runs from late August until mid-August of the following year with program hours from 8:15-5:15 (please check our yearly schedule posted on our website as closure dates fluctuate).
  • Children can be dropped off at 8:05, 10 minutes prior to class start time. We do have limited spaces for earlier drop off by request. Inquire at the office. Please note that your child must have attended at least 30 days to be eligible.
  • Fees must be paid during the summer. Please refer to the Cancellation Policy.
  • Fees are prorated into 12 equal payments.
  • We have one administrative day in September; the day after Labour Day.
  • Those on the waitlist for a fulltime program must pay and/or start the program as soon as a space becomes available.

* Discount offered to families with two or more children registered Full Time.

Extra-Curricular Activities: 

  • All children registered into the Full Day Balanced Montessori Program (Monday – Friday) will receive the following classes as part of their curriculum. Children registered in MWF or T/TH Full Day, 8:30-5:15 will receive only the listed enrichment on the days they are registered.
  • Dance Classes Connie Parsons School of Dance and recital at the Arts and Culture Centre. Dance uniforms and year end costumes for the recital are an extra cost; recital optional for ages 3 and older
  • Music Classes – includes music and movement and an introduction to piano keyboarding with our Music Specialist.
  • Fitness Classes – elevates children’s love of movement, while improving their physical, social, and cognitive skills through our award winning curriculum.
  • French Classes – Head Start French Language program designed by qualified foreign language specialists which is stimulating and exciting. Children see the French language come to life with Camembear a magical, French speaking puppet. Children experience and explore language through games, rhymes and story books.



Please walk your child to the classroom door and sign your name next to your child’s name on the classroom register.

*It is important for your child to arrive on time each day to maintain classroom routines and to aid with transition.


Closures and Holidays

Early Achievers closes for statutory holidays, Easter and Christmas vacations.

We close for scheduled Parent-Teacher conferences twice per year.  However, if you have an immediate concern, please contact your child’s teacher to arrange an appointment for an earlier date. A conference by telephone can also be arranged.

Early Achievers closes mid-August to prepare our school for the following school year. (Please check our yearly schedule posted on our website as closure dates fluctuate).

Snowstorms – If the public schools close due to weather, Early Achievers will also be closed. Please listen to local- radio stations for an announcement. We will also post closures on our website and Facebook page. Please like our Facebook page to ensure you keep up to date with notifications.

*We do not issue credits for sick days, vacations or any unexpected closure due to snow days.



Door Codes

To enter our secure doors your code will be the last 4 digits of your home phone number. If someone else already has this code, check with the office and we will provide another number.



Each day children should bring a change of clothes; including socks, shoes, underwear, pants and a shirt.  This is important as children sometimes have accidents that spoil their clothes.  Non-marking indoor footwear is also required.


Inclusion/Ratio Enhancement

Every effort will be made to accommodate children with exceptionalities. A meeting to discuss the strengths and needs of each child is necessary before confirmation of a quality program following best practices can be met within our facility. Once it is determined that a quality program can be designed to meet the strengths and needs of the child a Standard of Practice and a Safety Plan (if need be) will be implemented. We will work closely with our Government approved Inclusion Consultant to confirm if a teacher can be approved. If a child requires an Inclusion Worker to help the child succeed in the classroom, an independent worker will be provided. If the Inclusion Worker is absent for whatever reason the child unfortunately will not be able to attend our programming for that period of time.


Hand Washing

Early Achievers has implemented a policy in which all children attending our programs must wash their hands upon arrival.


Health Care

If a child is unable to participate in programming due to an illness or medically related condition the child will be offered a quiet place to rest and parents will be called to bring the child home immediately.

In most child care settings it is not unusual for children to be exposed to various illnesses or afflictions. If your child exhibits any of the following symptoms, please DO NOT bring him/her to school:

  • Lethargy
  • Fever of 100 degrees or higher within the last 24 hours
  • Vomiting or diarrhea within last 24 hours
  • Unusual coughing, runny nose and eyes, heavy nasal discharge
  • Rashes on the skin
  • Has symptoms of a possible communicable disease (reddened or watery eyes)


Toilet Training

  • Balanced Montessori/Enrichment (21 months-3.5 years) *Child does not need to be toilet trained
  • Multi Age Groupings (3-6 years) *Must be toilet trained and be independent in the bathroom.


Children moving from Toddler Room

A child can transition to another classroom when there is space available and the child is developmentally ready with a successful toileting schedule program. This includes self-help skills such as the ability to pull up and down clothing and to wash their hands independently.    



We will try our best to go outside as long as it is above -15 degrees Celsius with the wind chill and not too damp. However, sometimes ice and snow levels may prohibit us from keeping the children safe at which time a decision will be to stay inside. At times physical movement may be available in the Resource Centre as a substitute. Please dress your child in layers for changing weather and be sure all outer clothing is labelled. Hat, gloves, snow pants and boots are required in cold weather.



Most programs require students to bring a snack/lunch and drink/s to school each day. There is no access to microwaves or ovens to heat items at lunch however, a good thermos will keep meals quite hot. Suggestions for healthy lunches include: sandwiches, yogurt, cheese, fruit, chili, spaghetti, macaroni, pasta dishes, soups. Children are encouraged to drink milk with their lunch. We appreciate parent’s help in supporting a healthy environment by avoiding foods high in sugar and fat. Lunches should be packed in a lunch bag or lunchbox with the child’s name clearly and visibly labelled on the front. *Early Achievers has a Healthy Eating Policy which follows Canada’s Food Guide.


Nutrition Breaks:

  1. Children will bring 1 snack and drink for programs of 2.5 hours
  2. Children will bring 1 snack, drinks and lunch for programs of 6 hours/day
  3. Children will bring 2 snacks, drink and lunch for programs exceeding 6 hours/day


  • Please follow the Canada’s Food Guide when preparing or planning snacks and lunches
  • Food Allergies: peanuts, tree nuts, seafood, kiwi, egg (subject to change)
  • Please cut grapes and cherry tomatoes in half
  • Send food with an ice pack to keep food cold or in a Thermos to keep food warm
  • Provide spoons, forks, and straws as needed
  • Re-usable drink containers are preferred
  • parboil or shred carrots
  • Juice boxes should contain 100% fruit juice and be limited to one per day – Milk and water are best



Enrichment Club

  • KinderBach – Children will learn music vocabulary, note reading, rhythm, physical technique, “do, re, mi” singing, listening skills and music composition plus the joy in making music. Offered on Thursdays to children ages 3-5.
  • Pre-Math Abacus – Classes are made fun by incorporating songs and rhymes, hands-on tactile learning with an AL abacus as well as music and movement activities to teach four year old’s early skills to succeed in Math. Offered on Tuesdays to children in their year before Kindergarten.
  • French-Les Petits Amis – Head Start French Language program designed by qualified foreign language specialists which is stimulating and exciting. Children see the French language come to life with Camembear a magical, French speaking puppet. Children experience and explore language through games, rhymes and story books. Offered on Wednesdays to children in their year before Kindergarten.


Payment Options

Early Achievers offers the following payment options:

O       Cheque (Monthly Post Dated Cheques dated for the 1st of the month

O       PRE-Authorized Debit (PAD) (Direct Debit for the 1st of each month)

O       Visa or MasterCard (Monthly or payment in full – 2.25% user fee will be charged

O       No Cash will be accepted unless program fees are paid in full for the year 

* A $25 penalty will be charged for all NFS or returned cheques.


Fee Schedule

One half of the first month’s tuition is payable at the time of registration to hold a student’s space for September. This deposit is non-refundable and will be credited toward September’s tuition. Prorated monthly payments will begin thereafter.

All Balanced Montessori and Traditional Pre-School programs require a $100 non-refundable registration/materials fee for the school year to be paid at time of registration, plus a $50 Child Development Screener for new children ages 3 and older.



Cancellation Policy

When registering your child(ren), you are committing to the full program year.

  • Full time: Late August-Mid August of the following year
  • Part Time: Early September-Late June

You will be required to pay for the remaining months in the program if you decide to withdraw after January 1st and before the program year is complete. A 30 day written notice must be submitted in writing no later than January 1st.
Depending on when this notice is given, there may or may not be a balance of fees due as our fees are prorated monthly.